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Aubergine F1 Money maker

Medium plant height with standard dark fruits, averaging 100gms in weight per fruit. An early maturing variety

Beet Leaf Swiss Chard Bright Lights

Celery flavoured stalks and spinach-like leaves for Summer and Autumn Harvest. A range of colours including white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, lipstick and red. Terrific colour splashes for use in salad packs, or for growing as large plants. Harvest for leaf and stem production.


Beetroot Bolt hardy

A popular variety for early and main crop sowings. Round roots with good internal colouring. Good resistance to bolting.

Beetroot Detroit 2 Crimson Globe

Very good selection of Detroit beetroot, globe shaped roots with good internal colouring-suited to main crop sowing.


Broad Bean Imperial Long pod

Approximately 5-8 green beans per pod. Very good flavour, high yielding variety.


Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition

Tall plants producing good yields. Very reliable performer, with around 5 white beans per pod.

Broccoli Purple Mixed Sprouting

Designed to provide continuous cropping of purple spears from mid-February through to mid-May.

Brussels Sprout f1 Bosworth

Second early variety for late Autumn to Christmas production. Excellent holding ability and high yields. Well-spaced buttons with sweet flavour, suited to picking as required or as complete stalks.


Brussels Sprout F1 Maximus

A relatively early variety that can also be sown later for midseason and pre-Christmas harvest. Medium vigour. Produces a high yield of round, smooth, very dense buttons which are well spaced on the stalk.

Brussels Sprout F1 Trafalgar

A tall variety for the November and December cropping period. Has a strong root system. Medium sized buttons with an excellent flavour.


Cabbage F1  Duncan

Produces solid hearts rapidly, and resistant to bolting. For Summer to Autumn greens production.

Cabbage F1 Stanton

Round to flat medium green variety producing uniform dense heads. Very good cold tolerance and excellent standing ability.


Cabbage Derby Day

Early ball head cabbage. Good bolting resistance compared with other early types. Round, medium green heads. Harvest June to August.

Cabbage Greyhound

Early spring sowing variety; few outer leaves with good sized hearts and a broad base.

Cabbage F1 Advantage

A versatile variety suitable for the production of greens and hearted cabbage throughout the year. Dark green and winter hardy. Harvest June to July


Cabbage Primo

For general purpose use. Early and compact ball head. Harvest July to September.

Cabbage F1 Rigoletto Savoy

Hybrid, top performing Savoy- very high quality, with good vigour and uniformity. Dense heads of good colour, good holding ability and very winter- hardy.

Cabbage F1 Rovite

A mid-season large headed red cabbage.



Cabbage F1 Ruby Perfection

Easy to grow, maturing after approximately 80 days. Firm head and strong resistance to cracking. Produces deep dark red heads.

Cabbage F1 Serve

Summer savoy, maturing approximately 90 days after transplanting. Attractive dark green colour.

Cabbage F1 Stonehead

Late mid-season maturity; round, medium, green heads, densely packed, very compact, resistant to splitting.



Cabbage Tundra

Round to oval medium to dark green heads, late maturing and very winter hardy.


Calabrese F1 Ironman

Excellent quality dome shaped heads with uniform head weight. Harvesting June- November. Matures after 100-110 days.


Calabrese F1 Marathon

Produces small evenly sized buds with good bud colour, deep well-formed heads suitable for early, main and late cropping. Tolerant of Downy Mildew. Matures after 75-95 days.


Calabrese F1 Zen

Maturing approximately after 90-100 days, this variety has excellent high domed, dark green heads with a solid stem. Easy to trim. Tolerant of Downy Mildew. Crops best in Autumn, from a June planting. 

Carrots Paris Market Atlas

An improved high quality version of the popular Paris Market type. An early type. An early variety with superb almost round roots. Excellent colour. Ideal for shallow soils.

Carrots Autumn King 2

Late maturing main crop variety, with good storage ability. The smooth tapered roots are suitable for slicing. Sow March- August. Harvest June- October.

Carrots Early Nantes 2

A 2nd early type and main crop (tapered stump) type, virtually coreless with good texture and flavour.


Cauliflower F1 Graffiti

This stunning purple coloured cauliflower is a great improvement on the older purple types. The colour intensifies with exposure to light. An open plant habit should be encouraged in cultivation.


Cauliflower F1 Lazio

A Romanesco variety extended cropping through to December. Good mildew resistance. Maturity approximately 130 days from transplanting. 



Cauliflower F1 Nautilus

Gives high quality, very round, pure white, solid heavy curds. For mid-June- October cropping.

Cauliflower F1 Navona

A Romanesco cauliflower producing a uniform crop of dark green, turreted curds with no bracts. It is a vigorous variety with good holding properties.


Cauliflower F1 Celio

Early large framed Romanesco type. Produces very high quality pinnacle heads in an attracted green.


Cauliflower F1 Freedom

Good quality round white curds. Approximately 70-80 days from transplant to harvest.


Cauliflower F1 Triomphant

Robust semi-erect foliage gives attractive appearance and good curd protection.


Celeriac Prinz

Top quality, light skinned variety, with excellent bolting resistance, so it is especially suitable for early cultivation under glass, plastic and fleece, as well as later, unprotected, field cultivation.

Celery Celebrity

Yellow to green stalks which, if blocked will self-blanch.


Courgette F1 Eight Ball

A hybrid courgette variety producing dark green, uniform, round fruits. More even cropping with higher yields than open pollinated round varieties. Bush habit.

Courgette Green Bush

Striped fruits, good uniform stock, well suited to plant sales. Can be picked as standard sized courgettes, or left to mature into marrows.

Courgette F1 Atena

Good for outdoor production producing yellow courgettes.


Cucumber F1 Burpless Tasty Green

A popular variety for outdoor production, dark green medium to long fruits.


Cucumber F1 Femspot

All female flowered, quick, strong grower, earlier than most other cucumbers, bitter free, ribbed.


Cucumbers F1 Carmen

For Summer and Autumn cropping, 34-40cm long, slightly ribbed, smooth fruit. Resistant to scab and leaf spot, bitter-free, high resistance to powdery Mildew and partially tolerant to Downy Mildew. All female.


Cucumber F1 Hana

 Mini Cucumber

Early and prolific for heated and cold cropping



Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen

As the name suggests, this variety produces slightly curves, long dark purple pods, which are round in profile. Excellent flavour and string-less. Best picked when pods are young. Turn dark green when cooked.


Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen

Pencil podded, brown seeded type, dark green pods 15cm x 12mm, a standard Dwarf Bean variety.


Dwarf French Bean Stanley

A white flowering, white seeded variety that reliably delivers impressive yields of top quality beans. Medium green pods, 14cmx10cm in size. Suitable for early and late sowings.

Dwarf French Bean Voltage

Produces round pods, 6-8mm in diameter and 12cm in length, with attractive golden yellow pods. Slow growing variety and a late cropper. Good upright plant habit, 50cm in height.

French Bean Cobra

Long round pod, approximately 20cm x 7-9mm, bright green, black seeded variety. String-less with good flavour.

Hot pepper F1 Apache

A dwarf, chilli type pepper producing good yields on compact plants.

Hot Pepper F1 Basket of Fire

A compact semi-trailing plant that produces a prolific crop of small, hot fruits. The fruits mature form deep purple to cream, to orange and then to red at maturity. Ideal for containers and baskets.


Hot Pepper Cayenne Red

A hot, pungent pepper with long, thin fruits maturing from green to red.

Hot Pepper Cayenne Golden

A hot pungent pepper with long fruits maturing from green to golden yellow.


Hot Pepper Jalapeno

A very hot pepper (used for hot pepper eating contests in the U.S.A.!) extremely pungent plants reach up to 1 meter under cover. High yielding.


Hot Pepper, Long Red Cayenne Pepper

Very hot red chilli- use fresh or dried in many culinary dishes.

Hot Pepper Cheyenne

A compact Chilli pepper 45cm in height with medium sized, orange fruits. Ideal for patio’s and windowsills.

Hot Pepper F1 Super Chilli

A hybrid small fruited Thai type, with upward pointing fruits. Attractive 8cm long fruits on a compact plant, typically 30-45cm high fruits turn from green to red. Very hot.

Hot Pepper Bulgarian  Carrot

This variety may look a baby carrot but be warned it can be very hot. Produces a very high yield of bright orange peppers, up to 10cm in length. Compact plant really suited to containers.


Hot Pepper Scotch Bonnet  Red

Popular habanero type pepper. Very hot with Strong pungency.

Kale (Borecole)

Tall, erect plant producing high quality heads, very strong, dark in colour. Extremely hardy. Performing well in exposed areas.


Leek Musselburgh

Musselburgh is a proven performer and still takes some beating as a winter leek. An exceptionally hardy variety, very reliable and heavy cropping.


Leek Zermatt

An early Swiss giant variety with long shaft and erect foliage. Features good base and some rust resistance. Good storage characteristics. Suitable for baby leek production.

Lettuce Mixed Leaves

Cut and come again.


Lettuce Allsorts

Mixed varieties-

Lettuce Tantan

One of the best small cos varieties currently available, with good green colour and sweet flavour. Suitable for production throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

Lettuce Pigail

A very attractive red Little Gem type, with dark red outer leaves and green hearts. Suitable for spring, summer & autumn production.


Lettuce Saladin (Iceberg)

Standard crisp head variety, large dark green heads, fairly dense. Very good holding ability.

Lettuce Little Gem

A quick maturing, compact small Cos type with tight hearts. Especially suited to small pots. Very sweet flavour.


Lettuce Krista (Lolla Bionda)

Open leaved lettuce, like Lolla Rossa in habit and cropping but with attractive pale green curled leaves.


Lettuce Matador (Lolla Rossa)

Non-hearting type, red tinged leaves with waved and serrated edges.


Lettuce Paris Island Cos

A Lobjoit’s type but with a pale green heart. Crisp texture and sweet flavour. Medium to large sized heads.

Marrow F1 Bush Baby

A baby marrow variety bred to satisfy market demands for a smaller marrow. Grows to approximately three quarters the size of a standard variety. Suitable for field and container production. Produces a high yield per plant.

Marrow F1 Tiger Cross

Bush type, very high yielding with top quality fruits. Uniform and attractive with well- marked stripes and good deep colour.


Melon Ogen

An open pollinated variety producing small, broad, oval fruits, green skinned with yellow flesh.


Mixed Baby Leaves

Mixture of various baby leaf types. All feature excellent colour and texture. High levels of mildew resistance.

Oriental Baby Leaf Essential Mix

A range of mixes that can be used for cut leaf production, or for use as growing salads when planted in containers. The varieties are matched so that leaf development and flavours complement each other. This mix includes the varieties from all our other mixes, including Mizuna, Komatsuna, Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale, plus additional lettuce, endive and radicchio varieties.


Pak Choi  Summer Breeze

A heat tolerant variety which is suitable for UK summers as well as autumn production that will resist bolting too early.


Parsnip F1 Gladiator

Market standard variety, extremely high marketable yield or large roots with very good canker resistance. Roots have a shallow crown to reduce wastage.

Pea Tommy (semi-leafless)

Round-seeded, dwarf variety (45cm) for early and late production. Good cold tolerance. Pointed, straight pod 8cm long, 7-8 peas per pod.


Pea Kelverdon wonder

Second early main crop variety, wrinkle-seeded, with 6-8 peas per well- filled pod. Heavy cropping dwarf (45cm) variety.

Pepper Bellboy (sweet)

Plants are strong growing and will yield a heavy crop of well-shaped peppers. These can be eaten when still green or left on the plant to ripen into a deep red colour.


Pepper Phoebus (sweet)

This is an early maturing variety with vigorous growth and high yield. It produces uniform blocky fruit that turn from green to yellow at maturity.


Pepper Poseidon (sweet)

A vigorous variety producing a heavy crop of block shaped peppers. The fruit turns from green to red with maturity. Features a rich lustre and thick crispy flesh.


Pumpkin F1 Early King

Round to slightly tall pumpkin. Can be left to produce fruits weighing 10-12kg. Bright orange colour. Vine habit. Ideal for a large Halloween lantern. Tolerant of Powdery Mildew.


Radish Jolly

Top quality Cherry Belle type, strong foliage and intense red coloured roots with very little woodiness. Excellent holding ability.

Runner Bean Enorma

Reselected prize winner type, with straight, long pods, 30-32cm in length. Red flowers with purple seed. Good flavour. Popular variety, especially with competition growers.


Spinach Renegade

Excellent variety for Summer and Autumn sowings. Attractive dark green colour, rounded leaves. Upright growing for easier harvest. Mildew resistant.


Spinach Beet Perpetual

More or less trouble free crop suited to summer and autumn production. Can be overwintered - will last up to 2 seasons. Use as an alternative ‘cut and come again’ spinach.


Spring Onion North Holland Blood Red Mate

Very versatile, useful not only as salad but also as a bulbing type. Intense red colour.


Spring Onion Ramrod

A very high performing variety. Winter harder. An erect, stiff leaved Lisbon type, developed for spring, late summer and autumn cropping.

Spring Onion White Lisbon

Standard variety for bulbing salad onions, which bulks up relatively quickly. Medium green foliage.


Squash F1 Hunter

One of the first varieties of butternut squash developed for the UK climate. Matures after 105 days, producing 6-7 fruits, each weighing about 1kg. light tan colour with bright orange flesh and sweet taste.


Squash Early Butternut

Award winning variety is substantially earlier than other varieties. Medium sized fruit are tan in colour and have a blocky shape, with sweet, dark orange flesh. Compact, semi-bush plant produces excellent yields in 82 days.


Squash Celebration

Acorn Squash

High sugar acorn squash with a multicolour flesh. Bush habit plant, very productive.

Squash Pot Uchiki Kuri

Small onion Shaped fruits orange-red in colour with a golden flesh.  Average fruit weight is 1.5kg. Very early to matures with long shelf life after harvest.


Squash 1 Crown Prince

Grey- skinned variety with bright orange flesh. Excellent culinary variety weighing on average 3-4kg. Sweet, rich, nutty flavour and the fruits are round and flat in shape.

Swede Marian

Purple topped, yellow fleshed variety, medium dry matter, hardy and reliable cropper. A high percentage marketable yield of large, uniform roots. Resistant to club root and mildew.


Sweetcorn F1 Earliking

Normal Sugar

An early season variety producing strong stocky plants. Dependable variety.


Sweetcorn F1 Golden Fleece

Sugar Enhanced

 A second early variety with good vigour. Medium sized cobs.



Sweetcorn Incredible

Sugar Enhanced

 Main season type, very high quality medium long cobs, with good flavour and sweetness.


Tomato Alicante

A version of Moneymaker. Early cropper with smooth skinned, fleshy fruit. Fruit: red, round and 70-90 grams.


Tomato Modus

An indeterminate mini plum type, with oval shaped fruit, with high sugar content. Attractive colour.


Tomato Gardeners Delight

An old variety but still as popular as ever. The numerous small fruits have a fine tangy flavour. Fruit: red, cherry, 14-18 grams.


Tomato F1 Golden Sweet

Grape shaped fruit with distinctive orange-yellow colour. Good flavour with fine, firm, sweet flesh. Fruit resists cracking. Orange, grape, 12-16 grams.


Tomatoe F1 Big Boy

A large ‘beefsteak’ variety with very smooth, rounded fruits, 10-12cm in diameter. Will crop outdoors and under cold glass. Fruit: red, beefsteak, 160-180 grams.


Tomato F1 Octavio

A vigorous variety that produces uniform trusses. Firm fruit of excellent quality. Fruit: red, round, 90-100 grams.


Tomato F1 Rosanda

An indeterminate cherry plum type, with small oval shaped fruits. Vibrant orange, red colour and excellent flavour. Prolific cropper with large trusses. Fruit: red, cherry plum, 12-16 grams.


Tomato F1 Shirley

Early, short-jointed type with large trusses giving heavy yields of good-shaped fruits. Fruit: red, round, 70-90 grams.

Tomato F1 Sungold

Small, delicious tasting orange coloured fruits on long trusses- ideal for salads. Fruits: orange, cherry, 14-18 grams.


Tomato F1 Supersweet 100

An early maturing cordon type, which produces a heavy crop of small fruits. Excellent flavour. Fruit:  red, round, 18-25 grams.

Tomato Sweet Aperitif

Cherry tomato with high yield of cherry sized fruits 10-15g in weight. Bright red with an exceptional flavour, sweet with a refreshing taste.


Tomato Nectar

An early cherry tomato variety, with open plant habit, long trusses and good fruit setting. Producing nice shaped red fruit 14-16g in weight with good taste and firmness.


Tomato Chocolate Cherry

Indeterminate type producing uniform round dark fruits with excellent flavour, 2.5cm in diameter which do not crack.


Tomato Sweet & Neat Lemon Sherbert

Lemon yellow bush tomato with a good yield. Excellent taste and ideal for containers.


Tomato F1 Tumbler Red

Bush variety producing up to 2kg of fruit per plant. Ideal for use in hanging baskets (one plant per 12” basket). Fruit: red, cherry, 12-16 grams.


Tumbling Tomato Yellow

Cascading, highly productive variety ideal for baskets and containers. Sweet cherry sized fruits.

Turnip Falko

Round shaped hybrid Milan type, with purple top and white base. Very smooth skin and easy to clean. Excellent internal quality, with no hollowness. Suitable for early and main crop growing.


Crispy- textured with a delicious pungent flavour. High in vitamin C. crop as baby leaves or allow maturing.





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